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Original Warren Zevon Album Cover Art by Jimmy Wachtel

In pre-digital days, I would make a dye transfer print from the original transparency, retouch it, if necessary then send to color separator to break it down into four colors, CYMK, for the lithographic printing.

Frame measures 24”X 28”  Art measures 20”X 24”

Frame measures 24”X28”  Art measures 20”X 24”

Frame measures 24”X28”    Art measures 20”X24”

I shot this in August 1980, during Warren’s five day residency at The Roxy nightclub on the Sunset Strip.

The shows were spectacular with a spectacular band. It was Warren’s touring band at the time,

David Landau, Bob Harris, Marty Stinger, Zeke Zirngiebel and Roberto Pinon.“Stand In the Fire” was released December 26, 1980. I had planted myself in the audience directly in front of  Warren snapping away with my Hasselblad.


Accepting bids starting at $3,500, plus shipping & handling.


Frame measures 16.75”X17.25”   Art measures 13”X 13”

This is the original album cover art for  “A Quiet Normal Life,: The Best of Warren Zevon.” Released October 24, 1986  including a collection of his songs from 1975-1982. We had decided on a “film noir” location for his photo shoot and headed to downtown LA, quickly deciding on Chinatown as our location. After eating tons of dim sum, we wandered around shooting pictures until the day turned into night. It was just Warren and me and my Nikon.

No makeup, no hair, no bodyguards. The final album cover shot was in front of our favorite (and cheapest) dim sum restaurant. This is the original and only album cover art. It includes all of my notations and directions.

Accepting bids starting at $3,500, plus shipping & handling.


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This photo is from my personal collection and was in consideration for an album cover at one time.

It was shot by photographer friend, Aaron Rappaport, in Los Angeles in 1979. At the same shoot, he went to Warren’s home and did quite a few shots inside and outside. He also did some B&W photos that were eventually used for publicity purposes. These were done right after the “Excitable Boy” album came out at the end of 1978 and the success of “Werewolves of London” launched Warren’s  career.


Accepting bids starting at $2,000, plus shipping & handling.