Purchasing a book outside the United States. This is how we've been doing it and it works. The best way is to purchase the book is with PayPal. The post office charges $32.95 US to ship to the Europe and Australia. I add $0 for handling (driving to the post office), so $32.95 US for shipping & handling ----------- Send your money to my Big Gorilla Books PayPal acct. oddstick@me.com $39+$32.95=$70*. You can do the same thing for Canada $39 + $32.95 = $71.95. *you pay: $70.00 Here is what a fellow from Ireland did, do the same: Thank you. I'll sign the book, if you like. Whom should I sign it to? 

The US Postal Service has raised the price for foreign shipping of my book to $32.95 from $23.00. I have absorbed the rate raise for two years, but now I must pass it on. I hope you understand.