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From Lee Sklar

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People are receiving their books and I'm overwhelmed by their comments about the book.


As George Gruel tells it though, the brighter side can and should stand distinct and apart from its opposite. And it is, in fact, fully and completely valid on its own terms. Accordingly, even as Photographs and tales of my adventures with Warren Zevon accommodates all manner of ways to 'read' it, the lasting overall impression reflects the joie de vivre these two men shared, not just with each other, but with simpatico souls such as singer/songwriter Jackson Browne and author Tom McGuane.


As such, the optimum representation of that stratified concept is Zevon's music, so it's no surprise there's hardly a better soundtrack to function as background for processing all this varied content. Any given page or, as often as not, any select portion of a page, from top to bottom and corner to corner, can call to mind in turn (and often in very quick succession) the titanic riffing of "Bad Luck Streak in Dancing School," the jaunty pop of "Looking For The Next Best Thing" and/or the poignant tenderness of "Accidentally Like A Martyr." Needless to say, "Genius" comes to mind more than once in as varied a context as its lyrics invite interpretation.


A fan of books, music and Zevon (or all those subjects) would be hard pressed to find a more multi-faceted publication than Lawyers Guns & Photos. Given that versatility, the publication (in either configuration) should lend itself to a durability that will come close to, if not exactly equal that of the best Warren Zevon recordings, if only because George Gruel has so unabashedly (and deservedly) preserved his memories for posterity, not only with due affection and admiration, but also with an idiosyncrasy that uncannily reflects his subject.

- Doug Collette


The book is not a "tell-all" - it's more a love story (and an amazing history) told through photos and memories. - Mary Kate McCarty


Love it! Just got my copy and spent the whole evening in the bathroom reading! Yeah, that's it! - Leland Sklar


I just got your book.  What a wonderful homage to a friend.  I thoroughly enjoyed it, particularly enjoyed the photographs of a strange large man sometime bearded who kept appearing in the photos. - Marshall Arisman


"George Gruel does it again for the first time ever! Just got my copy. Very fun & touching & real.

Thanks for the fun 'flashbacks' George. Had a blast going through it. I also posted that tastily textured and touched up Ramada Inn sign that the crew rearranged into "ERECTIONS NIGHTLY IN ROOM" (pg 134) in my FB pix.

Warren was cool about always making the mundane; dramatic. We had fun. I did a lot of tours. And Bad Luck Streak in Dancing School was definitely one of them. ... One of the best. A greatly bonded crew. And we had no problem letting you & Warren hang with us. We were tight. It sure took a lot of strength and muscle and jungle work just to make it through it all. Glad we did. Thanks. (for all that, and for spelling my name right) - Jeff Alder


Whoo-hooooo!! Thank YOU, George. -  Lucy Pfeffa


Book arrived this afternoon. Needless to say, nothing got done after I ripped open the envelope. So much fun to connect faces with the names (Kim, Waddy, And Lindley with "tame" sideburns. Thank you. - Eric Warp


About the initial release book signing in Hartford, CT.  ‎....what a night.... what a great guy is Mr. George Gruel..... gonna take the memory with me to the next life......‎.....what a time we, go buy this fabulous book!!!!.... go to and get you some Warren......-  Brian MacDonald


It arrived today and it's magnificent. THANK YOU, GEORGE!!! You've served Mr. Zevon well!

I can see I'm going to be spending a lot of time comparing some of the photos to the tour list - possibly filling in some dates we don't have. - Lucy Pfeffa


Must have for Zevon fans

I read this book when it came out on paper years ago and the personal insights to this great man made it impossible to put down. Now with the enhanced eBook George has taken it to another level. It’s a purchase that you’ll go back to time and again, taking in this close up look at life with Warren. - a FIVE STAR ePub review off Apple Books


I got your Zevon book...Great!...Keeps bringing back Pine Knob memory, or I think so...Hotel room was not very happy...Will let you know how much more great the book is after I finish - Rick Coscarelli


George! Just a short note to thank you for sharing Warren with us. I am so enjoying my trip through the "family" album. Really great stuff...  - Gina Levanti Des Bien


This should be interesting, to say the least. Warren left his mark , the rest of us sniff at it , but no one can claim it. - Joe Gorfinkle


Hey man looked through the book tonight while listening to Preludes (my favorite) thanks for sharing all of those great memories. I'll have to pass it along to my dad, he's the one who turned me on to Warren, when I was a kid. - Paul Sheppard


Hey George - you had very graciously signed a copy of the book a few years back when I ordered in print. Unfortunately, I had a puppy that ate the cover off the book (most of which is salvageable), but I’d love to order another copy if print is still available...?

- Derek Siegel


I just got the book today! Thank u so much! I’m very

much looking forward to reading it this week. What

awesome pics. I can tell this was a real labor of love

for you. - Sandy Espinoza


A little bit about the ePub that is a companion piece to the print book

An interesting look, from the inside, at what goes on between gigs (and during gigs) of a touring musician. And tailor-made for the Warren Zevon fanatic. Notice, I didn’t use the abbreviated ‘fan’. This is for true fanatics of Warren Zevon’s music, story, and the tall tales that surround that particular universe. George Gruel has taken a book of

photos and mementos and turned it into an interactive tour de force complete with sound clips from the people he met when he was Warren’s aide de camp. Most coming from Warren himself. Highly recommended for fanatics of Warren Zevon for sure. But also for the fans of true artists and the people who chronicle the artists’ work and act as an artists’ muse. Seriously, Get this! - Charlie Silvestri


Hi George

A couple years ago I bought your book which I love. I recently had the most agonising, lengthy experience with Norovirus and in my ongoing puke-a-thon the prize volume was ruined - say nomore but apologies for the indignity. I want to buy a replacement if possible but can’t recall how we did it. I think you sent me a PayPal invoice for $70 or whatever cost and post is to UK and I paid with card method as I have no PayPal account for reasons too tedious to explain. Also if you can sign it again that’d be great. - Sandy Robertson


Got the book in good shape George, thank you. Very cool inside look at one of my favorite performers ever. Warren Zevon was instrumental during my er... formative years and his music continues to bring great pleasure seemingly at all the right times. Thanks again for letting us all in on this little treasure. - Brian Bresnan


The ePub book worked flawlessly.

I’m glad you added the picture I sent of Warren sitting in some unknown airport restaurant. It’s one of my favorite pictures of him.

I also really like the addition of the sound clips, I think they really enhance the whole experience, some voices i’ll never hear again

so it’s nice to have that audio snapshot.

I bet I’ll see something I didn’t see before every time I look at the book, I’m glad to have been a part of it all. - Zeke Zirngiebel


Lawyers Guns and Photos by George Gruel

George Gruel offers a rare glimpse into the life of Warren Zevon on the road and very candid. It is a must have for all Zevon enthusiasts. The audio clips offer another dimension to the experience of getting to know Warren. Page 104 alone is worth the price of admission. If you’re a Zevon fan, treat yourself to this awesome read! Ahoo!

- a FIVE STAR ePub review off Apple Books


This is the way it should be experienced!

Lawyers Guns & Photos: My adventures with Warren Zevon by George Gruel was first printed in April of 2012. I pre-ordered it and had my very own, autographed copy by Father's day that year. Reading this amazing book felt a little voyeuristic to me. Almost as if I had stumbled upon someone's private photo album. George Gruel’s book is filled with private stories and inside jokes. Every time I reread it I find something else I missed the last time I took it off my shelf. As much as I cherish his book, George Gruel has outdone himself with the release of his new Ebook version. It brings an entire new dimension to his now, “long out of print,” Lawyers Guns & Photos. This is the way this collection was meant to be experienced. It’s no longer like looking at a photo album. Now, it’s more like sitting down with an old friend and listening to war stories of an adventure he went on long ago. Lawyers Guns & Photos brings the reader into the crazy, private world of touring with a rock and roll legend. Almost every page has some kind of audio clip on it. The music, interviews, crew talk. etc...brings the photos to life and makes me feel like I’m hanging out with everyone backstage. If you are lucky enough to have bought the book back when it was available you are going to love this new, and improved version. This is a must have for any, and every fan of the late, great Warren Zevon. - a FIVE STAR ePub review off Apple Books