Salvoes of Appreciation:


“George, thanks for this rare peek into the era of Dad’s true rock and roll adventures. I was too young then to understand any of the fucked up insanity of his perplexing character - I just knew I loved my Daddy. Now I can look back and appreciate him anew.” -  Ariel Zevon


“This photographic treasure trove brings back the Good, the Bad and the Ugly... Just like Warren would have wanted it”.  -  Crystal Zevon


“A remarkable collection of photos, of the remarkable life, of a remarkable man.  And, as a bonus, George’s spot-on picture memoir is occasionally, as creatively eccentric, as Mr. Z, himself.”  -  Baron Wolman


“We’re told to be forward thinking.  This book shows why looking back is so valuable.  Memories of an old friend who did a lot to influence many great musician song writers.  People get to see into the life and times of a warm, funny and talented artist.  Yes, he liked Vodka, guns and other destructive things, but he was really just a great guy”.

 -  Rick Marotta


“Júye, Júye, the book looks great, and great photos”. -  Jorge Calderon


“In this book, George captured us all... the feelings and emotions of the time. Warren and I were the original Modern Family. I was Warren’s Bonnie and Warren was my Clyde - Uncensored, eccentric, and brilliant. We were brought together by the love of Music, the Arts, and each other… all while holding on for dear life. We robbed no banks, we took no prisoners… just pictures. Thank you for your honest, and heartfelt perspective, George. Warren would say, you have kept us in your heart and held us for a while”.  -  Kim Lankford


“Well kids, I can’t tell you whether or not there’s a Santa Claus, but I can tell you this. One year, when I was 13, Santa Claus came as George Gruel, in full Santa suit. I sat on his lap and never felt safer. If you want a rock-n-roll man in your corner, it’s the one that has hugs for days, as long as you have the right pass, because you can never be too careful. I was lucky enough to have the all access”.

-  Jordan Zevon


“This is fabulous, thanks so much for putting this together. I’m gonna be looking at this a lot”. -  David Landau


“Perfect!  ....with Warren they did not break the mold.... he was freehand!!!” -  Leland Sklar


“This is great!  I think what I love about it the most, is how it shows Warren’s effect on people. Granted, those people were mostly nuts, but that’s what I love about it…..  and again, these are the stories the real fans, and the nut jobs, will both love”!  -  Anita Gevinson


“George  was the only guy who was always “there”. Good thing too, or we might not have made it; certainly would not remember it”.

 -  Niko Bolas


“Bet Warren would’ve put a bullet into a “Nook” -  All hail the written word and the publication of this book written by the eminent Mr. Gruel - St. Zevon’s, aide de camp”. - Ronnie Sweeting






People are receiving their books and I'm overwhelmed by their comments about the book.


The book is not a "tell-all" - it's more a love story (and an amazing history) told through photos and memories. - Mary Kate McCarty


Love it! Just got my copy and spent the whole evening in the bathroom reading! Yeah, that's it! - Leland Sklar


I just got your book.  What a wonderful homage to a friend.  I thoroughly enjoyed it, particularly enjoyed the photographs of a strange large man sometime bearded who kept appearing in the photos. - Marshall Arisman


"George Gruel does it again for the first time ever! Just got my copy. Very fun & touching & real.

Thanks for the fun 'flashbacks' George. Had a blast going through it. I also posted that tastily textured and touched up Ramada Inn sign that the crew rearranged into "ERECTIONS NIGHTLY IN ROOM" (pg 134) in my FB pix.

Warren was cool about always making the mundane; dramatic. We had fun. I did a lot of tours. And Bad Luck Streak in Dancing School was definitely one of them. ... One of the best. A greatly bonded crew. And we had no problem letting you & Warren hang with us. We were tight. It sure took a lot of strength and muscle and jungle work just to make it through it all. Glad we did. Thanks. (for all that, and for spelling my name right) - Jeff Alder


Whoo-hooooo!! Thank YOU, George. -  Lucy Pfeffa


Book arrived this afternoon. Needless to say, nothing got done after I ripped open the envelope. So much fun to connect faces with the names (Kim, Waddy, And Lindley with "tame" sideburns. Thank you. - Eric Warp


About the initial release book signing in Hartford, CT.  ‎....what a night.... what a great guy is Mr. George Gruel..... gonna take the memory with me to the next life......‎.....what a time we, go buy this fabulous book!!!!.... go to and get you some Warren......-  Brian MacDonald


It arrived today and it's magnificent. THANK YOU, GEORGE!!! You've served Mr. Zevon well!

I can see I'm going to be spending a lot of time comparing some of the photos to the tour list - possibly filling in some dates we don't have. - Lucy Pfeffa


I got your Zevon book...Great!...Keeps bringing back Pine Knob memory, or I think so...Hotel room was not very happy...Will let you know how much more great the book is after I finish - Rick Coscarelli


George! Just a short note to thank you for sharing Warren with us. I am so enjoying my trip through the "family" album. Really great stuff...  - Gina Levanti Des Bien


This should be interesting, to say the least. Warren left his mark , the rest of us sniff at it , but no one can claim it. - Joe Gorfinkle


Hey man looked through the book tonight while listening to Preludes (my favorite) thanks for sharing all of those great memories. I'll have to pass it along to my dad, he's the one who turned me on to Warren, when I was a kid. - Paul Sheppard